The Local Golf Shop

There are fond memories of the local golf shop for many of us. Some of you may remember being huddled around one small television watching the four hole playoff of the British Open. Maybe it was a Saturday morning rain delay and everyone was fidgeting with golf putters and watching the radar to find a window. Many of us have just completed a charity tournament and are roaming around an unfamiliar golf shop deciding how to spend our newly acquired gift certificate. Whatever our experiences, often we fail to realize the fantastic resource that is the local golf shop.

Most golf courses, both public and private, support a local golf shop and have a PGA Professional on staff. In fact, often the Head Professional is the owner of the golf shop and derives a significant portion of his or her income from it. The shop itself is not only a course check in point and green fee collecting desk, but it is also a fully serviced retail golf store, repair shop, as well as many other things. In fact, there is a bountiful resource available to many of us right under our noses. The local golf shop is a small business, and when a small business owner has opportunities to gain new customers or reward loyal customers they are very motivated. The best way to uncover ways to take advantage of the local shop is to spend some time talking about business with the owner or golf professional.

One local country club services an entire business community for the holidays. More than two dozen local businesses buy the employees gifts from the golf shop. The local PGA Professional special orders golf shirts, head covers, and is even able to get logos embroidered for the clients. He even offers free gift wrapping and delivery! This practice has earned him steady and reliable off season business and takes the hassle of gift shopping off the local business persons.

Another local golf shop has the best golf sale in town twice each year. He offers everything in the shop at fifty percent off for one weekend and seventy five percent off the next! The first golf sale is in late August and pretty much empties out his inventory. The golf pro then restocks the racks with gift golf gear like discount golf bags, used golf demos, and the storage room golf ball inventory. The second sale comes Thanksgiving weekend and he completely liquidates everything! What a fantastic golf sale! His regular clients and their families love to support him and he is happy to oblige by emptying his golf shop!

The real deal that local golf shops offer everyday is sharing the wealth of industry knowledge combined with the flexibility and service of a small business. The local PGA Member Professionals are truly Jacks of all trades. They are small business owners, community organizers, teachers, managers, and most importantly trained experts on golf. Have lunch with your local golf shop owner and get to know him or her, and try to support them by taking advantage of the resources they offer!