Why Approaching The Game of Golf With a Simple Golf Swing Might Be For You

For many golfers the game they so enjoy can be a frustrating experience. This is because they often see no tangible improvement in their score. Of course the main reasons for this is how they approach the game and the methods they use to improve it.

For the average golfer approaching the game in the traditional manner may be doing them more harm than good with regards to seeing any improvement in their score. The golf swing consists of a number of complicated movements which takes years of practice to perfect. Even the most elite golfers have to continually practice and analyze their swing mechanics to remain competitive. This requires many hours of practice on the driving range with the guidance of a qualified golf instructor. This approach is not practical for most golfers because of the elements of time and money.

One possible approach for the average golfer to improve their golf game would be to simplify their golf swing. Instead of concentrating on a number of complicated swing thoughts as they address the golf ball, it might be more productive to just think of one or two simple elements of the golf swing.

Prior to actually taking a swing at the golf ball, ensure you are addressing the golf ball correctly. This involves your alignment, stance, posture and how you are gripping your golf club. Doing all this correctly as you address the ball means you will not have to concentrate on it as you start your golf swing.

When you start your back swing be sure to keep your lead arm straight. When you reach the top of your swing be sure your wrists are cocked. The feeling at the top of your swing will be like that of a coiled spring. Remember to shift your weight properly as you swing through the ball. This will help ensure that you hit the ball squarely with the face of your golf club with maximum power. Squarely hitting the golf ball with your golf club will also cause you to hit an accurate shot which will land near the intended target. When you finish your golf swing the front of your body should be facing the target. Most of your weight should be on your lead foot. The lead foot should still be in the same position you placed it during your setup.

These simple elements of the golf swing can easily be incorporated into your swing with minimal practice on the driving range. The key to simplifying your swing is to correctly address the golf ball before you take a swing. Once you are setup correctly concentrate on one or two simple swing thoughts. Eventually you will start to see improvements in your golf score.

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